MODX ACL Security Tutorial

By Benjamin Marte | Jan 10, 2012 | Tags: MODX Security, MODX Permissions, MODX ACL | Comments (8)


Yesterday a fellow MODXer @anselmhannemann tweeted about MODX ACLs and how freaking complicated they are (they really are, trust me), the real problem is there hasn't been a real world case scenario tutorial that show us how to accomplish adding a user group and limiting what they can edit and see in MODX.

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Latest Project: Ignite Tampa Bay 2012

By Benjamin Marte | Nov 06, 2011 | Comments (0)

Ignite Tampa 2012

This is my second year as part of the Ignite Tampa committee, as part of the group one of my responsibilities is working…

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New MODx Gallery Plugin: FullSide Gallery

By Benjamin Marte | Sep 05, 2011 | Tags: Gallery, Full screen gallery, MODX Extra | Comments (9)

SideWays Gallery

So after browsing the internet and looking for some awesome jQuery Galleries and Sliders I came across FullScreen and Sideways Galleries created by Manos Malihu and decided to make them a package for MODx called FullSide Gallery.

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Announcing PrettyGallery My Second MODx Plugin

By Benjamin Marte | Aug 20, 2011 | Tags: MODx, Gallery, PrettyGallery, Modal, Pop Up | Comments (24)


After working on NivoGallery and learning a lot about MODx I decided to port yet another gallery plugin into MODx I'm happy to announce... PrettyGallery.

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My First MODx Package: NivoGallery

By Benjamin Marte | Jul 02, 2011 | Tags: Gallery, NivoGallery, MODx | Comments (23)

Orman Template

After seeing how many people in the forums have had many issues understanding how to create a gallery I took the liberty of adapting the awesome Nivo Slider<…

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